Why you should stop masturbation

Why you should stop masturbation –

Watching porn and doing masturbation is the same drugs. If you leave it you will feel withdrawal symptoms same as we feel with other drugs. So its better if you leave it before it becomes an addiction. When we watch porn our brain release a hormone call dopamine, its responsible for our feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

And we keep on watching porn because we feel pleasurable. Our brain keeps on demanding this again and again, and last we start doing it daily sometime 3 or 4 times a day. From here the end of our life start. Our face starts looking old. We feel much weakness in our body and brain. It like you are killing your self slowly.

Why you should stop masturbation 
Why you should stop masturbation

Porn website makes their videos so attractive so clear in ultra high definition which we call 4k resolution, so they can make people more addictive or a fool. And these websites are earning much more money because they know there are lots of foolish people in this world and they can’t control their desires on watching it.


  • Slowly your brain size starts decreasing, your power of concentration and thinking start reducing. PORN just squeezing your brain power, and make chemical imbalance in the brain. And because of this, you will start doing some activities of a crazy or mental unhealthy person. You can’t remember things easily, and you keep on noting everything in your diary or phone. If you don’t leave this habit your brain can’t function properly, and it will effect badly on every part of your body and life.
  • Maybe you can indulge in a serious crime like Rape. Because you cannot do that kind of porn with your life partner like you are watching.
  • You will become a more introvert or unsociable person. Think about your life in this stage. There will be no life I think. Porn is very easy to see and doing masturbation is very quick action. But their consequences are much worse.
  • Slowly your motivation and your desire of living a great life will start reducing.
  • 58 % of porn addictive person have finance issue. They don’t have much money. Because of porn addictive people cant focus on their work.
  • You cant able to walk after 3 or 4 years because much semen loses effect efficiency of joints. If your wish is to win a marathon then it can’t be fulfilled.
  • Your immune system became week, and you will suffer many infections and disease.
  • You cant enjoy real sex. And your relation with girls will be not good.
  • After doing masturbation, how do you feel about yourself? I think we feel very bad. We feel low about our self. And this will effect on our self-confidence, that will start getting low and low. And if your self-confidence is low, how can you achieve your life goals.
  • You can enjoy your life. Because your days are so tired and lazy.
  • Masturbation affects your digestive system. You will not feel hunger. And then your internal organ start dying until you die. So my dear friends Why you should stop masturbation.
  • Our sperms contain DNA and RNA which contains enzymes, proteins, calcium, and other important items. Every ejaculation contains millions of sperms, so you can imagine how many enzymes, proteins, calcium, and other important items we are wasting. Its a much loose for your body.
  • Everyone like beautiful hair, but masturbation cause much Hair loss. Stop it now if you love your hair.
  • It causes sleeping disorders and anxiety or depression.
Why you should stop masturbation 
Why you should stop masturbation

We got only one chance to live this life and we keep on spending our precious time on watching these crazy websites.


1) I start sleeping early. Just turn off or put your phone aside and sleep.
2) Keep yourself busy. Like I am making me busy with my website and on youtube channel.
3) Find friends and enjoy.

Hope you understand now that “Why you should stop masturbation”

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