Taimur Mosque

Taimur Mosque

This masjid designed as Turkish style masjid. Its architecture is very attractive. And the atmosphere around this place is very peaceful. You will see beautiful mountain just in front of this beautiful mosque.

This Mosque is built for His majesty’s Father. This mosque was constructed by order of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in memory of his late father “Sultan Said bin Taimur”. And it was first opened in the year 1999. Its also known as Said Bin Taimur Masque.

The interior of the mosque is very nice and colorful. This mosque is quite big from inside and in This mosque 2200 Worshippers can pray at a time. This mosque has a separate prayer hall for the woman and a small school for teaching the Quran.

This mosque is not opened for non-Muslim, but non-Muslims can enjoy ‘outside’ beauty of the area.

Location – 33, Al Khuwair S St, Muscat. Just near to SPAR hypermarket.

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