Red fort in Delhi

Red Fort in Delhi

Red Fort in Delhi is an historic fort located in capital of India. Its also known as “Lal Qila” in locals. Because it made by red stone. It was built for keeping out invaders. It takes 10 years to build Red fort in Delhi.  The famous and most expensive “Diamond Kohinoor” is also belong to Red fort. Red Fort is the largest monument in Delhi and it also a popular tourist destination and it attract thousands of visitors every year.

The architect of Red fort in Delhi was Mr. Ustad Ahmed Lahauri, who also designed Taj Mahal in Agra. The structure of Red fort is octagonal and it has several gates like Lahori, Ajmeri, Kashmiri, Mori, Turkman and Delhi gate. The river Yamuna is just attached to Red fort in Delhi.

Inside of Red fort in Delhi –

1) Mumtaz Mahal- Situated in the women’s quarters of the fort, Mumtaz Mahal was one of the six palaces within the fort. All these palaces were built along the banks of Yamuna River.

2) Khas Mahal – This is used as private room for emperor.

3) Rang Mahal- This place was built for emperor wife’s and mistress.

4) Hira Mahal – According to the legend, Shah Jahan had hidden a diamond, meant for his first wife, in this very place. The diamond, which is not yet found, is said to be even more precious than the famed Kohinoor.

5) Moti Masjid – It English it means Pearls mosque.  It was built by Aurangzeb for his personal use.

6) Hammam –This was the place for taking bath.

Light and sound show –

Every evening there is a sound and light show that describe Mughal history happen here.  This place was the main residence of Mughal around 200 year ago. It is located in Delhi near Chandni Chowk you can reach here by taking Metro to Chawri Bazar and Chandni Chowk and you can reach here easily by taking bus as well.  Red Fort is constructed by fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1639.

Red Fort is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. Every year on Independence Day of India on 15 August the Prime Minister of India gave speech here and hoists the Indian flag. Inside of Red Fort you will see lots of shops there are selling very interesting stuffs and stationery. So before entering Red Fort you have to gone through by Security Check. The wall of Red Fort is 2.41 km long.


Netaji Subhash Marg

Metro Station-   Chandni Chowk

Open- Tue-Sun; Mondays closed

Timings- Sunrise to Sunset

Entry Fee – 35 (Indians)

Foreigners – 500 INR

Sound & Light Shows: 6pm




MAP – 


Red fort in Delhi
Hitender in Red fort

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Red fort in Delhi
Entry fee receipt for Red fort
Red fort in Delhi
Red fort with beautiful Indian flag



Red fort in Delhi

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