Purana qila in Delhi


Purana qila in Delhi is located near Delhi Zoo Mathura road. This is one of the oldest qila in India. This Qila is connected with Yamuna River. The place is evidence to the glory of the Mughal art. The gateway and the wall of purana qila were built by Humayun between 1538 to 1545.

The Purana Qila was built by Humayun in an attempt to build a city of his own. After work forwarded by Sher Shah Suri. Every evening in Purana Qila there is light and sound show. The architecture of Qila is very beautiful and amazing park to spend the one day holiday time. This place is very nice for yoga and meditation.

The Purana Quila has three majestic gates –

1) The Humayun Darwaza

2) The Bara Darwaza

3) The Talaqi Darwaza

The Humayun Darwaza and the Bara Darwaza were the two gates that were open for entry inside the old fort. Entry was prohibited through the “Talaqi Darwaza” as the name suggests. Talaqi means ‘forbidden’. Beautiful mosque also inside Purana Qila that was made by Sher shah when he defeated Humayun in 1541.

Some tips, if you are planning to visit Purana Qila Delhi for the show –

  • If you are booking online, avoid doing it on a mobile – their site is not mobile friendly. Use desktop instead, and have aprinter connected to print the confirmation, as it may not generate a confirmation mail. The cost is Rs 100 per person.
  • Avoid the early show, as initially the light effects will be lost if it is not sufficiently dark.
  •  Be prepared for mosquitoes – hordes of them. Carry a mosquito repellent cream and apply it liberally on your arms and legs. You may not get as lucky as us as free samples of the cream may not be available on the spot .
  •  Parking for the Purana Qila is common with the Delhi Zoo.  Parking space, and public toilets are also available in the parking lot, though I am not sure how clean they would be.


  • Nearest Metro Station from Purana Qila is – Pragati Maidan.
  • Open All days
  • Entry Fee: 20 (Indians) 200 (foreigners)
  • Photography Charges: Free



Purana qila in Delhi
Resting on garden in Purana qila

Purana qila in Delhi

Purana qila in Delhi
Purana qila in Delhi
Purana Qila in Delhi
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Purana Qila in Delhi
Purana qila

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