Nizwa fort Oman

Nizwa fort Oman

This fort was built in 1650 by second Yarubi imam Sultan bin siaf Al Yarubi. So this is one of the oldest fort in Oman. This is Oman most visited national monument. To complete this fort it takes 12 years. Nizwa was the capital of Oman before. Just outside of this Nizwa fort you will see Nizwa souq that has many variety of stuff that you can buy. The drive from Muscat to Nizwa fort is around 1 and half hour. And between this drive you will see many camels just other side of rode. If you go by sharing taxi from al sahwa roundabout it will cost you 3 OMR. And if you want to come back by same sharing taxi you will easily get it from outside of Nizwa fort. This fort is different from other fort in Oman because cylindrical shapes of its tower and this tower are biggest tower of fort in Oman. This fort has 7 wells, some prison rooms and prosecution ground. There is a very nice and beautiful gift shop, you can found their many items related with Oman and Oman history. The area inside of fort is very clean same like outside of fort. The height of this fort is 35 meters. And opening time is – Saturday to Thursday – 8AM – 6PM Friday – 8 AM-11.30AM then 1.30PM – 6.30PM Cost – 5 OMR for foreigners and 2 OMR for Omanis. Children – foreigners – 3 OMR and Omani 1 OMR

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20180406 10421857714383 - Nizwa fort Oman

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