How to make money online

How to make money online

So you want to make money online. Its good choice, yes because there are lots of people who are earning lots of money by working online. Most of them are quitting there 8 to 5 job. The things you need to make money online is knowledge, patience, and consistency.

If you want to make money online you really need to be patience because it takes some times. So if you start don’t quit keep on doing good and hard work. One day you will start earning a good amount of money online.

make money online

  1. Start a blog –

So the first thing you need to do for making money online is a blog. Just make a website which not takes much time to make and start posting content on it. Then you can put Google AdSense code in your blogs and start earning. You can also put some affiliates links on your website.

Some hints for starting a blog –

  • You just need to post good quality and regular content.
  • Make a post on popular subjects

make money online

  1. Sell something online –

You can also make an E-book or any own created product and sell it on your website.

  1. Rent your property –

You can give your free space at the home for rent. You can do it online. Try Airbnb for it. This website is best for it.

  1. Make a YouTube channel –

Nowadays lots of YouTubers are earning much amount of money. So just make a YouTube channel and start posting some training videos. The content should be your own or else you can get terminated from making money from YouTube. To start earning money from YouTube you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch times in your videos in 1 year.

make money online

  1. –

If you specializing in something like article writing, video editing, website designing, etc. you can make an account in By this website, you will get customers who will give you work and they will pay for it.

  1. Sign up affiliate programs –

Just go to any big online shopping company like Amazon and make an affiliate account. Then choose a product you want to sell. Next just paste the link of those products in your all online platforms like your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, etc.

  1. Start writing EBooks and sell in Amazon –

Putting your EBooks in Amazon is free. So when someone will buy your EBooks you will get a good commission.

make money online

  1. Click bank –

This website is the same as Amazon but they will give you a better commission. And they only sell digital products.

  1. Shutterstock –

If you want to earn money by clicking some beautiful pictures then this website is for you. Just upload your picture in this website and if someone buys your picture you will get some commission.




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