Everyone has a dream to enjoy life fully. But not everyone gets success to enjoy life. Because they really don’t know what to do to enjoy their life. I was also a person who never enjoys his life fully because I don’t know what to do. I was just spending my life with my daily useless activities.

But slowly I keep on reaching and reading about how to enjoy life. So finally I found some amazing tips for me and you. Follow them in your life and start enjoying it. And don’t forget we have only one life with no guaranty. Means we don’t know when we are going to say goodbye to our life. Because we can die anytime. So why we are not enjoying it?


Be people oriented. Every day spends 3 or 4 hours with your friends or with your family members. Talk with them, go out with them, and eat with them. That is the first thing you need to do for enjoying life. This habit will also make you more social and enhance your mood. You will also get rid of anxiety.

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So just go out from your home every day for 3 or 4 hours. And enjoy life with another human being. This habit will also develop your personality and self-confidence. Don’t be alone, just make your self-extrovert. Start spending time with people. Make more connection and enjoy your life.

Enjoy life
Be social

Human is a social animal he became happy when he gets the company of other people. I saw many time the person who is unsocial and don’t like to interact with people he has anxiety. He is not successful and not enjoying his life at all.

I stay sometime in the Philippines and I saw Filipino are so happy and enjoying their life fully. I really like the way they live life. They are so confident because they are good at making people connections. They are social and like other people company.

So this is the first habit or tip to enjoy life fully. Start it from today.


Meditation makes our mind feel good to start doing it from today. And you will start enjoying life more.

Enjoy life


Exercise also makes feel happy and if you are happy of course you are enjoying your life. Exercise release endorphin, which is a good feeling hormone. A regular physical fight with depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Enjoy life

4) Every week go out with your family or friends –

Going out and the level is very important to enjoying life.

5) Make food with your family –

Do some barbeque in your lawn with your friends or family. It really gives you a feeling of enjoyment. Or go out do a picnic.

Enjoy life

6. Keep listening to music –

Music helps good enjoying life. It also increases imagination and self-esteem. And if you are feeling lonely just turn on your favorite track you will feel good.

Go out like in beach or some hilly area and get your laptop or mobile with you. And start listening to music you will really enjoy that moment.

Enjoy life

7) Keep on learning new things –

We get stress when we have nothing to do or we are doing the same thing we keep on doing. So change your routine with some new habit. For example – Learn a new language, start cooking, Play guitar or another musical instrument, Reading, personal development class or course, GYM, and dancing etc.

Developing a new habit will definitely make your life enjoyable.

8) Sleep well –

Sleeping is very important to enjoy your life fully. The day you sleep well you feel good and energetic. So sleep at least 6 hours every day.

9) Work in the soil –

Means plant some vegetable or flowers near your home and take care of them every day. The scientist has proved that while playing with soil our body releases an antidepressant hormone call Serotonin. So go and do something in your garden. You will feel good and enjoyable.

Enjoy life
Plant a tree

10) Eat good and healthy –

Eating plays many roles in enjoying your life fully. Better if you cook in the home then eating outside. Don’t eat processed food.

Cook meals with Vegetables. It will boost your immune system and mood. Keep changing your meals every day. If you eat fish on Monday then try mix vegetable on Tuesday.

Enjoy life
Fruits and Vegetables

11) Stop bad habit –

Stop smoking and drinking now because they have a very negative impact on the brain and your life. They are wasting your money and health.

Enjoy life
Don’t drink

12) Develop one good habit at one time –

If you wish to improve yourself and enjoy life then start developing single good habit one time. If you start doing exercise continue it until one month then starts another good habit like reading. Don’t stop doing exercise. Keep doing it with another good habit.

And why like this? Because if you start doing many good habits once after some days you will quit all. You are giving much load to yourself. So do it slowly but consistently.

I also start doing many things once, but I fail after some time. Like I start doing exercise then I read but after some time I quit both habits. I start waking up late and no reading. Then I rely on I should develop one habit in one time. And really make difference.

13) Don’t watch TV –

Watching Tv is wasting a lot of our time. And gives you nothing. So utilize that precious time some other good and productive habit.

Enjoy life
Don’t watch TV

14) Take responsibility for your life –

The best thing you can do to enjoy life starts taking action about your own life and action. Why someone else is managing your life. Like your wife, children, parents, relatives, and friends. Don’t let them control your life. Just do what you dream for. So what people say you selfish, don’t care just do what you desire.

Yes of course relationships are very important in our life but don’t let them control you. You are the master of your life, take all control of it. And don’t expect that they will do your action only you have to do that.

Enjoy life

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