How to develop self confidence


How to develop self-confidence? Are you looking for an answer to this question? So here are my top tips for developing good confidence. Self-confidence is the way we think about yourself. If you want to live life fully so you should have good self – confidence. And everyone has a different percentage of self-confidence. Good amount of self-confidence is very nice of our life and relationships. When we believe in you we never afraid to do new things in our life. Without good self-confidence, your life will be so boring. And you will go to never enjoy life.

I also suffered a lot in my life because of low self-confidence. So I don’t want you to do that. I want you to enjoy your life fullest. I will share with you some tips to develop good confidence. Follow them and see the change in your life as I saw. Low self-confidence is also a major problem of mental health. So here are my tips to develop self-confidence –

1. Leave masturbation –

Yes, you have to leave this bad habit. It has a very bad impact on your self-confidence. Stop it now completely.  Don’t listen who keeps on saying its good for health, it will make you smart etc. I was also addicted to this bad habit. And I lose a lot of things in my life. I know its difficult to get rid but its possible. I am putting a link of my other post about masturbation here just check it out.

So if you really want to develop self-confidence you have to leave this habit now.

2. Say positive sentence about you to yourself every morning –

Just make this as a habit. So make a list of your positiveness and tell yourself them in every day. Like –

I am good at talking, Health and maintaining relationships. So what is the benefit of telling yourself those good sentences?

If you do this habit daily slowly your subconscious mind starts believing in them. And you will feel a good boost in your self-confidence.

3. Do exercise daily –

Doing exercise daily is very good to develop good confidence. Exercise release Endorphins which are a happy hormone. So you will feel better about yourself and you became confident. Already so many studies show that.

4. Start doing meditation every day –

Meditation helps control negative thoughts in our mind. Practice everyday meditation you will feel calm and confident. And doing it all days will help you in developing good confidence.

5. Set your goals –

Make a list about your goals in life. And start fulfilling them. Without any goals your life is useless and you will go nowhere. What are you going to do next? You should know everything.

Just make a list of what you want to do in your life. And start doing hard work to achieving them.

6. Find a good source of money –

If you have money, of course, your confidence level will be good. Because money is the most powerful tool in the present life. So get a job and start earning. Now you can also earn good amount of money online as well. Like Youtube and from a website.

And if you will fail to earn good money your confidence level will be low as well. Make your mind sharp there are lots of ways to earn money. I am telling you if you good amount of money in your bank account your confidence problem will be solved 90 percent. Because money speaks.

7. start a habit of Visualization –

Every day visualize yourself as a winner. Like you already have what you wish in your life. It will really help with developing your good self-confidence. Imagine you are talking confidently in front of-of people, with girls and you are happy in your life.

See yourself as a winner while visualizing.

8.  Every day spend at least 3 hours outside of your home and office –

I mean you have to mix with people more if you want to get good self-confidence. So make a habit of going out every day and start meeting with people. Don’t be lazy for going out. Just turn off your mobile internet and live your life. Just force yourself to go out.

Our mind just wants to live in a comfort zone. He loves to relax and just wants to watch videos on YouTube. But if you really want to develop good self-confidence you need to stop listening to your mind.

9.  Start doing those things where you feel low –

Just make a list of situation where you feel low confident. And force your mind to go for that situation. You have to do one task that you are scared of at least once a week. Just prepare yourself and go. Don’t afraid from failure just go and finish that.

For gaining good confidence you need to face that situation where you feel low. You can never develop good self-confidence if you fear from that situation. You have to do practice for that.

10.  Every day at night before sleeping writes your action you have done on all day –

Ask yourself what you have done today so you move forward near to your goals. Make this is a habit; it will only take the 10-minute maximum. This habit will track your action and time. And you will exactly know what you are doing?  Are you going near towards my goals?

11.  Start taking action –

Nothing will change if you don’t start taking action. Reading this blog will not change your life and increase self-confidence. You have to take action now only. The main cause behind, we are not taking action is procrastination and excuses.

12) Stop comparing yourself with others –

If you start comparing yourself with others it will decrease your self-confidence. Stop it now. When you compare you with others, envy will arise and that is not good for health. More the envy wills more you going to feel bad about yourself.


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