How to find a girl in Pattaya

How to find a girl in Pattaya –

Pattaya is one of the best places to have fun, but you should know how to find a girl in Pattaya and where. While you are interacting with Girls in Pattaya just tell them straight what you need. Don’t hesitate because of your paying for them.

The best time will be an evening to find a girl in Pattaya. If you traveling fist time to Pattaya then read my post and enjoy. I am sure it will be very helpful for you.

How to find a girl in Pattaya

1. walking street –

Walking street in Pattaya comes first place for how to find a girl in Pattaya. the walking street offers many Go-go bars, night clubs, restaurants, and beer café. This street is 500 meters long.
Come here after 6 pm, there will be no traffic after this time. So you can walk freely. Walking street in Pattaya is busiest and hottest party spot in Thailand.
Distance between central Pattaya to walking street is around 2 km.

How to find a girl in Pattaya

How to reach here –

Just ride a shared Baht bus.

Some of the best bars and night clubs in Pattaya walking street for finding girls –

  • Club Insomnia – This bar is one of the popular bars in Pattaya walking street.
  • Walking Street Club
  • Marine Disco
  • Mixx Discotheque
  • Marine Disco
  • Candy Shop
  • Mixx Discotheque Pattaya
  • The Pier Disco Club Pattaya

2. Use an online dating site –

Use a site known as “Thai friendly”. You will see here many girls looking for fun. So chat with them invites them to meet up. Then have fun all night. But you invite her to meet up in a garden or in a mall.
If she will invite you to a café or restaurant you need to pay much extra amount. Maybe she already has something with her friends before. And now you will the one who will pay.
So be aware, this is also one of the scams in Pattaya.

3.  In Massage parlors –

Go for a massage in Buakhao area Pattaya city. There you can have fun with Thai teen girls.
They will do everything to make you happy. But of course, you have to pay. There are so many massage parlors in Pattaya. So try one of them and enjoy a massage with bang-bang.

You can also check these popular massage parlors in Pattaya –

Sabai Dee

Honey 2

P.P. Body Massage

4.  Beers bars –

In beer bars, you can easily find many beautiful girls. If you want to have fun just tells them, then they will take you in their room. That will cost around 1500 Baht.
You can check beer bars in Soi 6.

How to find a girl in Pattaya

5. Beach roads –

You can also find so many hot and beautify girls here. You can try in Beach Road Promenade, Jomtien Beach and Pattaya Beach.

6. In shopping malls –

You can also find a girl in Pattaya in these popular shopping malls –

  • Pattaya Avenue (Shopping Centre)
  • Central Festival Pattaya (Mall)

How to find a girl in Pattayabest

7. soi 6 – 

This place is just near to walking street. Here you can find many beer bars. And if you will go inside you can also find a girl for a short time.

Some important tips while you are in Pattaya walking street –

1. Pickpockets are common in this place. Maybe it can be done by Lady Boys or groups of hot girls. Your focus will be on them and they will get your wallet easily. So be careful while some group of a girl holds your body.
You can put your money in front.

pickpocket 300x225 - How to find a girl in Pattaya

2. Keep small Thai currency denomination with you. Because if you give 1000 Notes, maybe they can give you change for 500.

They will tell you to give only 500 notes. And last you have to get only those.
3. Keep eyes on your bills. They may be put extra bills in your bin. Better not to drink much or keep on checking your bin.

4. Don’t fall in love with Girls in Pattaya. They will keep on telling you so many false stories. So you can give them money. Never ever do that. These girls are so expert in that.

5. Get less cash with you. Only get enough cash so you can enjoy in walking street Pattaya. Don’t get much.

6. Just book your hotel room near Walking street. It will be better for you.

Tips when you get a girl from Pattaya-

1. Use protection before having fun. Otherwise, you will face so many health problems later.

2. Before taking a girl into your hotel, sure first this place allowed this girl without paying anything. You can do that while you are booking your room in a hotel.
3. There should be a safe box in your room. So you can put all your valuable items there.
4. Submit an ID proof of a girl in the reception of the hotel. It all about your safety.

So this was my article about how to find a girl in Pattaya. Hope it will help you while you’re in Pattaya.




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