Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco – chewing tobacco effects

Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco – chewing tobacco effects

Many of us think that smokeless tobacco is a safer option than smoking cigarette. But it’s not true. Smokeless tobacco has the same harmful effect on the body as smoking does. You will not find a faster tobacco product.

smokeless tobacco
Smokeless tobacco

While chewing tobacco nicotine is absorbed by soft mouth tissue.

Some dangerous chemicals present in smokeless tobacco –

carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, cyanide, and ammonia.

Some forms of smokeless tobacco are –

Chewing tobacco – In chewing tobacco, you place the tobacco between teeth and gums. The saliva in the mouth you need to spit or swallowed.

Snuff – It’s a flavored and fine cut or ground tobacco. It may be dry or a little wet.

Snus – It’s a spitless and flavored tobacco originated in Sweden. This tobacco is pasteurized before packing to kill bacteria that cause cancer.

The harmful effect of smokeless tobacco –

  1. All tobacco products have a chemical named as Nicotine. This chemical makes person addictive to tobacco. Smokeless tobacco is more addictive than smoking it because we can take it any time anywhere. And if you wish to withdraw after addiction you may be facing some symptoms like-

smokeless tobacco

Depressed mood, Intense craving for tobacco, sleep problems and increase in appetite.

  1. Heart disease – Smokeless tobacco increase heartbeat and blood pressure. And if you are addicted to it you may be suffering from stroke or heart attack.
  2. Cancer – Cancer is the most common disease that is caused by smokes less tobacco. You may have mouth, throat, lips, and food pipe and gums cancer.
  3. Teeth disease – Chemical contains in smokeless tobacco cause cavity, staining and tooth loss in teeth. It also makes your breath stinky.

smokeless tobacco

  1. Leukoplakia is a disease where some small white patches are formed in the mouth by using smokeless tobacco. These white patches form cancer in the later stage. These are also known as sores and are painless.

Why we became addicted to tobacco –

Nicotine presents in tobacco increase the level of chemical Dopamine in the brain. This chemical gives a feeling of good or joy. But this feeling goes when you throw the tobacco from your mouth. And now your brain wants to release more dopamine so you have to take tobacco for that. And which leads to addiction.

Holding smokeless tobacco in your mouth for 30 minutes is equal to smoking 3 cigarette. It will give you the same quantity of nicotine.

How you can quit smokeless tobacco –

  1. Make a strong will to quit it. Fix a date to quit and throw all tobacco products from your home. Leave those friends or person who is using smokeless tobacco.
  2. Varenicline is a no nicotine medication. You can also try this.
  3. Know the harmful effects of smokeless




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