Bontoc Museum

Bontoc Museum

Bontoc Museum is one of the best places to see in Bontoc. Many interesting things to see here. But photography and videography are not allowed inside the Bontoc Museum. You can take it outside of the museum. You will also get a tour guide who will explain you everything and some interesting facts about Bontoc Museum.

Bontoc museum
Bontoc Museum main gate

Bontoc Museum was founded by a Belgian Nun to secure the history and heritage of Cordillera people. Cordillera region is also known as Ifugao or Igorot.

What you will see in Bontoc Museum –

  • traditional costumes of Igorot people
  • Hunting and farming tools
  • Old photographs of Igorot’s
  • Headhunter warriors
  • Library with many Rare books to read
  • Traditional Igorot house
Bontoc Museum
Bontoc Museum Igorot huts
  • Kalinga headhunter axes
  • Beautiful mountains ranges
  • Different currency from many countries
  • A pet pig
Bontoc Museum
Pet Pig in Bontoc Museum

Admission free –

70 PHP Per person

Visiting hours –

Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Address –

Guinaang Rd, Omega, Bontoc, Mountain Province Cordillera Administrative Region

Bontoc Museum
Map of Mountain province

Hotels near Bontoc Museum –

  • Ridgebrooke Hotel and Restaurant
  • Churya-a Hotel
  • Bontoc Hotel
  • Walter Clapp Centrum Hotel and Restaurant
  • Tchayapan Hotel & Restaurant
Bontoc Museum
Bontoc Museum

Places to visit near Bontoc Museum –

All distance are from Bontoc Museum and in KM.

  • Maligcong Rice Terraces –  0.5 km
  • Rita Cathedral -0.5
  • Favery Rice Terraces -0.5
  • Marlboro Country and Blue Hills – (5.8) you need to wake up early to enjoy the beauty of this place. It will be really cold here in the morning so better wear a thick
  • Kiltepan – (6.2) if you want to see the beautiful sunrise then come to Kiltepan viewpoint. You will also enjoy amazing rice terraces. You will really enjoy the morning walk here, there will be little fog and everywhere is green.
  • The Hanging Coffins Of Sagada – (7.5) there are more than 200 hanging coffins here. And fully survived more than 500 years. These are Igorot’s ancestors
  • Echo Valley – (7.6) Natural valley with fully green area.
Bontoc Museum
Me in Bontoc Museum

Some more places –

  • The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin -7.8
  • Sumaguing Cave – (8.2) See here rock formation shaped like a bear, elephants, turtlehead, chocolate cake, and a pregnant But you need to be a little expert in climbing and going down on rocks. If you slip you can get much injurious. It will cost you around 500 PHP for 5 people to entering Sumaguing cave.
  • Lumiang Cave – (8) you can see and do here rock formation spotting, rappelling, and boulder climbing. You can book your cave tour from Sagada tourist center.
  • Bomod-Ok (Big) falls – (9.2) to reach here you need to be physically fit because you need to walk around one and half hour. You can enjoy from here the beautiful view of rice terraces as well.
  • Lake Danum – (9.8) this is a mountain lake in a pine forest which gives a spectacular view of surrendering. You can enjoy sunset here and it looks really beautiful.





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