Best things to do in Pattaya Thailand 2019

Best things to do in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is a haven for man, in this article; I tell you the best things to do in Pattaya. When we think about Pattaya, hot Thai girls, bars, and clubs come in our mind. But Pattaya doesn’t only offer those. It has so many other interesting things to do and see.

Pattaya is divided into four major zones





Pattaya has many beautiful beaches and temples. I am sure you will never get bored here.

So here are my best things to do in Pattaya

1. How to use Public transport in Pattaya

This is the first thing you should know while you are here.

Here there is no BTS and MRT.

They have a small Car which is known as “Baht bus”. If you want to ride in them you have to stop them by showing your arms or just wave.

best things to do in Pattaya

If they stop then just ride on it. They will cost you 10 Baht. Inside the Baht bus, there is a map showing the destination.

When you stop a baht bus just ride it when your stop arrives just ring and go to the driver to pay him 10 baht.

You can also hire a Baht bus privately.

2. Have fun in walking street –

The walking street offers many Go-go bars, night clubs, restaurants, and beer café. This street is 500 meters long.

walking street Pattaya 300x175 - Best things to do in Pattaya Thailand 2019

Come here after 6 pm, there will be no traffic after this time. So you can walk freely.

Walking street in Pattaya is busiest and hottest party spot in Thailand.

Distance between central Pattaya to walking street is around 2 km.

How to reach here –

Just ride a shared Baht bus.

Some of the best bars in walking street –

  • Club Insomnia – This bar is one of the popular bars in walking street.
  • Walking Street Club
  • The Pier
  • Marine Disco
  • Mixx Discotheque

Some important tips while you are in Pattaya walking street –

  1. Pickpockets are common in this place. Maybe it can be done by Lady Boys or groups of hot girls. Your focus will be on them and they will get your wallet easily. So be careful while some group of a girl holds your body.

You can put your money in front.

  1. Keep small Thai currency denomination with you. Because there are lots of case in Bars here, if you give 1000 Notes, they will give you change for 500.

They will tell you to give only 500 notes. And last you have to get only those.

  1. Keep eyes on your bills. They may be put extra bills in your bin. Better not to drink much or keep on checking your bin.
  2. Don’t fall in love with Girls in Pattaya. They will keep on telling you so many false stories. So you can give them money. Never ever do that. These girls are so expert in that.
  3. Get less cash with you. Only get enough cash so you can enjoy in walking street Pattaya. Don’t get much.

Read more about how you can get a girl in Pattaya.

3. Visit Koh Larn island –

This is a wonderful island and around 7KM far from Pattaya Beach. Koh Larn is 4 km long and 2 Km wide.

best things to do in Pattaya

This island has 6 big beaches and some small. All these beaches have white sand and crystal clear water.

There are many good resorts and restaurants.

Six main beaches of Koh Larn Island –

  1. Same
  2. Tawaen – This beach is the popular one in Koh Larn.
  3. Tien
  4. Nual
  5. Tonglang
  6. Tayaiy

You can book a room online in resorts and hotels in Koh Larn. Room price starts from 1000 Baht.

How to reach Koh Larn Island from Pattaya-

You need to ride a ferry or speed boat from Pattaya to Koh Larn. Just go to the end of  walking street. You keep on walking till you reach the end of the pier.

The price of the ferry boat is 30 Bhat and takes around 30 minutes to reach Koh Larn Island.

A speed boat will cost you a little more.

How to go around in Koh Larn Island –

  • You can hire a scooter or motorbike.

4. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden –

If you want to take an elephant ride come to this beautiful garden in. You can buy Tickets online as well. The price is 400 Baht. And if you want to watch an elephant show you need to pay extra for that.

best things to do in Pattaya

Better to come here in the early morning.

So what you can do and see here –

  1. Enjoy elephant ride
  2. Watch a cultural show
  3. See varieties of plants in Orchid nurseries.
  4. Watch elephant show

Timings –

8 am to 6 pm

How to reach here –

You can hire a  Songthaew (Baht bus) or a taxi.

5. Enjoy the ride in the water park –

This is mine 4th best things to do in Pattaya. There are many water parks in Pattaya but we have listed some of the popular ones here –

best things to do in Pattaya

1. Ramayana Water Park –

This is Thailand biggest water park. This place offers you more than 50 water slides.

And there are many fun activities for all age groups.

How to reach here-

  • You can book a shared van from there website. They will pick you up from your location in Pattaya. The shared van will cost 150 Baht.

Ticket price –

900 Baht

2. Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park –

Price –

1200 Baht

How to reach here –

They have shuttle service from –


Beach Road

Second Road



You can book a shuttle bus ticket online.

3. Pattaya Park –

This place is in Jomtien Beach. Pattaya Park is popular for its 240-meter long observation tower.

You can also try to jump from this tower.

6. Tiger Park –

If you love tiger and you want to touch them then come here to Tiger Park Pattaya. This is the place where the tiger and human live in the same place.

best things to do in Pattaya

These tigers are trained by professionals here. So don’t worry about their bite.

While you are with tiger there will be a professional with you. So you easily hug and take a picture with Tiger.

Price –

700 Baht

You can buy tickets on offer online. Maybe you will get it in 400 Baht.

Timings –

9 am to 6 pm

How to reach here –

You can get a bus from Pattaya bus terminal to Tiger Park. It’s around 39 Km from Pattaya city.

7. Central Festival Pattaya Beach mall –

If you like to have some shopping in Pattaya then come to this place.

This mall is located near Pattaya beach and you can easily reach here from Walking Street.

So you can also enjoy the beach here as well.

best things to do in Pattaya

8. Jomtien Beach –

So if you want some relax in Pattaya then just come to Jomtien Beach.

This beach is bigger and nicer then Pattaya beach. You can enjoy the ride here of Jet Ski and speed boat.

best things to do in Pattaya

If you are looking having fun in Jomtien with Pretty Thai girls, just click here.

You can also find here many Bars, Restaurant and Hotels.

How you can reach here –

  • Ride a Baht bus

You can get this bus from the south road and the second road Pattaya intersection.

They will charge you only 10 Baht. It will take around 15 minutes to reach Jomtien Beach.

You have to ring the bell when you will reach the beach. Then come out from Bus and pay 10 Baht to the driver.

9. Pattaya Beach –

This 4 Km beach has many things to see and so. So let’s begin what you can do on Pattaya beach.

1. Walking street –

As I mention above this street is full of bars and restaurant. So while you are Pattaya beach just roam around in walking street and enjoy.

2. Cabaret shows-

You can enjoy these shows done by ladyboys. Cabaret shows are world famous. So don’t miss them.

You can go there with family as well. No adult scene.

Pattaya Collosseum Cabaret Show 300x225 - Best things to do in Pattaya Thailand 2019
best things to do in Pattaya

Price of tickets is 600 Baht per person.

3. Ripley believe it or not –

This is a world-famous museum with lots of unique collection.

You can go there to a Haunted house. Really amazing place to see. Don’t get scared because it’s not real. But they have an awesome special effect that can make you nervous.

Price for Haunted adventure is 500 Baht.

You can also enjoy in Moving Theater 9DX and Vault Laser Maze Challenge.

If you want to enjoy the entire thrill in Ripley belief or not it will cost you 1500 Baht per person.

4. Bali Hai Pier –

If you looking to do some fishing and want to learn diving then come here.

Bali Hai Pier is also a gateway to KohLarn Island.

5. Parasailing –

If you like to thrill the try this activity on Pattaya beach. You will just fly with parachutes.

These parachutes will be controlled by a speed boat.

best things to do in Pattaya

Price is 600 Baht per person.

10. Pattaya Floating Market –

The market is named as four regions Floating market. This is the largest man-made floating market in the world.

This market has the main four sections. The things they sell here come from four main parts of Thailand.

So what you can get and do here –

  • Enjoy Thai street food
  • Many fruit stalls
  • Souvenir shops
  • Watch Thai cultural show
  • See wood carving Museum
  • Have a Thai massage
  • Zipline – 15 meter above from water level
  • Have a picture in Traditional Thai dress
  • And many more

You can hire a boat here to get around the floating market. While you are on the boat you can see many beautiful houses made of woods.

Ticket price –

200 baht per person

How to reach here –

  • You can hire a taxi that will cost you around 80 Baht and takes only 20 minutes from Pattaya walking street.
  • Take a Baht bus from south Pattaya junction; it will only cost you 20 Baht.

Timings –

8 Am to 6 pm

Address –

451/304 Moo 12, Sukhumvit-Road Pattaya Nongprue, Banglamung

11. Pattaya Dolphin World –

If you like watching Dolphins then come visit this place in Pattaya.

You can touch and swim with the Dolphins.

This show last for 1hour.

best things to do in Pattaya

Tickets –

500 Baht

You can easily book your tickets online.


Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri

How to reach here –

Just book a taxi by using the Grab app. Dolphin world is about 30-minute drive from Pattaya walking street.

Timings –

9 am – 6 pm

12. Pattaya Night Bazaar –

If you want to do shopping in Pattaya night bazaar is the best place.

This place is huge and comfortable. This market is located in Second Road Pattaya it’s near central festival beach mall. And open from 8 am to 11 pm.

13. Pattaya viewpoint –

This place is also known as Pattaya hill. If you want to see an amazing view of Pattaya city then come here.

Pattaya view is located in Khao Phra Bat on the pratumnak hill.

Pattaya view point 300x196 - Best things to do in Pattaya Thailand 2019
Image by BANITA TOUR from Pixabay

The famous Wat Kho Phra Bat temple is just 2 minute far from Pattaya viewpoint.

There is no entrance fee and is open all day from 7 am to 9 pm.

You will also see here a statue of Father of Royal Thai navy named as Prince of Jumborn.

There is also Thai navy broadcasting station and Navy museum just near to Pattaya viewpoint.

How to reach here –

  1. If you like walking, then you can reach here in 30 minutes from Pattaya walking street.
  2. Get a taxi or hire a baht bus.

14. Silver lake vineyard –

This will be my last best things to do in Pattaya. Silver Lake is a large vineyard and located in south Pattaya.

While you are here you will see many grapes varieties here. From those grapes, they are making wines.

If you want to relax in Pattaya then just spend some time here. The view of this place is amazing.

If you want to spend some more time here you can rent a room here as well.

best things to do in Pattaya

What else you can see here –

  • Flower garden
  • Greenhouse
  • Moviehouse
  • Grape juice plant
  • Winery

Location –

Silver lake vineyard is located Jomtien in South Pattaya. It’s just next to Buddha-mountain and Ramayana Water Park.

Timings –

9 Am to 6 Pm.

Tickets cost –

250 Baht per person

That will include a tour of this place with one bottle of grape juice and 2 glass of wine.

Best things to do in Bangkok 




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